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Ceiling insulation: possibilities & prices

By insulating your ceiling, you avoid heat losses and an unnecessarily high energy bill. Warm air rises, but by means of ceiling insulation you can keep the warmth inside and reduce sounds. It is an efficient and quite cheap way to improve the energy performance of your house. Moreover, ceiling insulation leads to a better living comfort! Discover more in this article.

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Which rooms to insulate & which materials to use?

You can insulate the ceiling in order to maintain warmth or in order to prevent noises. Depending on your personal wishes, one can choose an appropriate insulation material and insulation method. In the following, you can find more information on the different possibilities of ceiling insulation.


insulate ceiling 1. Insulate ceiling basement or garage

The cellar and garage are spaces which cool down fast, especially during the winter. In order to avoid damp problems, it is a good idea to ventilate and insulate these rooms. The ceiling of the basement is the best place to apply extra insulation material.

Since the cellar is a humid space, the insulation material must be damp-proof. For this reason, insulation boards (PIR, PUR, XPS or EPS) are preferred over glass wool or rock wool. If there are many pipes on the ceiling, polyurethane spray foam is the best choice: this material fills every gap seamlessly.



insulate a ceiling 2. Ceiling insulation loft

More than 25% of the heat in your house escapes through a badly insulated roof! If you plan to insulate the loft, you can choose to insulate the roof or the floor. The last option is especially interesting when the loft only serves as a storage room. If the attic is also a living space, it is strongly advised to insulate the roof as well. This can either be done from the outside or from the inside of the roof.

A flat roof which is insulated on the inside (through the ceiling of the rooms), is called a ‘cold roof’. This method is not the best option, except in case of current roofs with a restricted height. Read more on loft insulation.



ceiling insulation 3. Insulate ceiling of intermediate floors

Insulating the ceiling of a living room, sleeping room or kitchen is slightly more difficult, as the finishing has to be perfect as well. You can insulate the ceiling of an intermediate floor for thermal or acoustic purposes.

If there is a lot of nuisance, one mostly lowers the ceiling. A self-supporting ceiling is installed beneath the existing ceiling and insulation material is put in between (for example rock wool, fibreglass, PUR or cellulose insulation).

Another option is to blow cellulose insulation into the free space between the floor and the ceiling below. To do so, one makes little holes in the ceiling or concrete floor.

Cellulose insulation primarily insulates air noises. In order to mute impact sounds as well, you should choose a thick insulation layer. However, floor insulation is even more efficient when you want to insulate contact noises.



How much does ceiling insulation cost?

Ceiling insulation is an investment which you will easily earn back within a few years’ time. However, it is hard to estimate the exact amount of money you will have to spend. The price can vary according to the surface and the type of insulation you choose. Ceiling insulation with board material is more labour-intensive and therefore more expensive in case of renovation, since the current ceiling will have to be replaced. Blow-in insulation is more profitable in that respect. Nevertheless, cellulose flakes are more expensive than PUR foam or glass wool.

When you opt for a suspended ceiling with sound insulation, the price will approximately range between £70 and £100 per square metre. If you want to have your flat roof insulated on the inside, you can expect prices about £25-30 per m².


It is best to have ceiling insulation applied by an experienced insulation expert. Only then, a quick, flawless and qualitative result is ensured. On our quote page, you can request quotes from several professionals in the vicinity. This service is entirely free and allows you to compare prices! Click here to receive non-binding quotes.


ceiling insulation



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