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Hemp insulation: properties & advantages

By using hemp insulation, you contribute to the reduction in global CO2 emissions. Hemp is a completely natural insulation material with excellent insulating properties. In this article, you can read more on the characteristics, advantages and price of hemp insulation.

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hemp wool insulation What is hemp?

Hemp originates from the hemp plant. The strong and woody fibres of this plant are very suited for the production of hemp wool. As hemp wool is an excellent insulator, it can be applied as an environmentally friendly insulation material.

The hemp plant is easy to cultivates and can grow on almost every soil. Moreover, the plant grows very fast: up to 4 meters high within 100 days. Hemp has got air-purifying qualities as well, since the plant takes a lot of CO2.



Types & applications of hemp insulation

Hemp wool is available in the shape of insulation blankets (batts) or insulation boards. These can be cut to size and are easy to install. The hemp insulation boards have a rigid structure and they closely connect to each other. As a result, thermal bridges can be avoided.

During the production of hemp insulation, cornmeal or polyester is added sometimes in order to strengthen the insulation. The boards are available with a thickness between 3 and 19 centimeters (1- 7.5 inches). Batts usually have a thickness between 3 and 8 centimeters (1-3.15 inches).

One often applies hemp insulation to insulate sloped roofs, wooden floors, ceilings, walls and facades.


hemp insulation


What are the advantages of hemp?

Hemp is an ecological insulation material and hence very environmentally friendly; next to that, this material has a lot of other advantages:

+ Hemp is completely recyclable

+ Not irritating to skin or lungs

+ Does not contain harmful substances

+ Hemp is protected against moulds and bacteria

+ Hemp insulation has no scent

+ Good thermal and acoustic insulation

+ Little energy is used during the production process

+ It is a sustainable and moisture-regulation material


Hemp insulation: disadvantages

Notice: if there is too much damp, the insulating properties of hemp can be influenced in a bad way. It is therefore not recommended to use this insulation material in (very) damp rooms, like the basement. However, you can also opt to apply a vapour barrier in that case.


What is the price of hemp insulation?

On average, hemp insulation boards cost about £15 to £20 per square metre. Hemp insulation is slightly more expensive than comparable and frequently-used insulation materials.

Rock wool and glass, for example, are cheaper but less sustainable. As for the insulation value, hemp is as good as the other two materials. So, hemp insulation is a smart and eco-friendly investment anyway. Moreover, more and more insulation experts and suppliers are working with hemp these days.

Note that it is not easy to apply hemp insulation yourself; special tools are required. For this reason, it is recommended to have your roof, facade or floor insulated by a professional.


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hemp insulation


Insulating properties of hemp

  • Heat storage capacity: 1600-2350 J/kgK
  • Volume mass: 30-42 kg/m³
  • Diffusion resistance: 1-10
  • Fire class B2
  • Lambda value: 0.038 W/mK


Hemp insulation and the environment

There are different methods to make hemp insulation fireproof. Some producers add ammonium phosphate, whereas others add soda.

Sometimes, producers add boron salts in order to protect the insulation against moulds. These resources are hardly damaging to the environment. During the cultivation of hemp, little or no pesticides are required as the hemp plant is very strong and not really prone to illnesses and plagues.




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