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Wall insulation: possibilities & price

A lot of heat can get lost through the walls of your house. For that reason, it is definitely useful to insulate your walls. Your energy use will drop, which will surely be noticeable on your energy bill. Moreover, wall insulation is good for the environment. In this article, we are going to look at the possibilities of insulation for walls, the pros and cons and prices.

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Possibilities for wall insulation

wall insulation outside Insulate outside wall

Applying insulation from the outside of the house is one of the options to insulate a wall. The advantage is that you can install a thick layer of insulation without losing space inside the house.

A disadvantage however, is the fact that a new wall cladding or plaster is needed when the insulation has been put in place. This wall insulation method is rather expensive as well. In addition, the thicker facade may possibly cause problems when installing new doors and windows.

Read more about types of external (solid) wall insulation.



wall insulation cavity Cavity wall insulation

Insulating the cavity wall is a second option. In this case, the cavity – the narrow and open space between the internal and external wall – is filled with insulation material. To avoid nuisance, this usually happens from the outside of the house.

A lot of materials can be used for cavity wall insulation, such as synthetic foam, beads or even organic materials. This insulation method is often combined with an insulated stud wall in order for the insulation to be as effective as possible.




wall insulation from the inside (Solid) wall insulation from the inside

It does not often occur that a wall is insulated from the inside of the house, as this is a very delicate job.  So this option is only chosen when cavity wall insulation or external wall insulation are not feasible.

To insulate an internal wall, you can choose to build a stud wall. In this case, boards are put against the wall and the interstice is filled with insulation material.

Another option is aerated concrete, a waterproof material that does not give any chance to damp problems.



What are the advantages of insulated walls?

It goes without saying that insulating your house is a clever thing to do. You save a lot of money, which has positive consequences for both your wallet and the environment. As for the financial aspect, it is even more interesting that you are eligible for grants.

By insulating your walls, the heat will stay outside in summer and remain inside during the winter. The acoustic insulation also improves when you have wall insulation. As a result, you won’t hear as much ambient noises anymore. The circulation of draught and dust will decrease as well thanks to the airtight insulated walls.


Wall insulation cost

The cost of wall insulation strongly depends on the insulation material of your choice and the working method. When insulating from the outside, a finishing material for the facade must be chosen as well. This can either be wood, plaster, stone cladding or aluminium. On average, prices vary between £85 and £130, finishing included. In case of cavity wall insulation, you will pay at least £13 per square metre. To have your walls insulated from the inside, you must consider a starting price of £35 per square metre.

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