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Insulation material

Insulating a house is a serious job that should not be underestimated. No single construction is the same and there are different types of insulation material. They each have their own composition, qualities and insulation value. In this article, we will go through the different types of insulation material and their applications.

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Isolation materials and their properties

Depending on your budget, available space and technical structure, you will have to choose from different types of insulation material. The following gives a brief overview of all insulating materials and their most important properties and applications.



wall insulation uk Glass wool (fibreglass insulation)

Glass wool is available in rolls or supple sheets and it is especially used for intermediate floors, false walls and roofs. This material has a good insulation value, it is relatively cheap and lightweight. As glass wool can absorb damp, you must install a vapour barrier inside the house!

Price: Cheap insulation material (£12.5 -£17 per m²)
Disadvantages: Big volume – slight irritation during installation – fixed sizes
Insulation value: Good to very good, depending on thickness (from 2.5 to 9.5 inches)

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rock wool insulation Rock wool insulation

Rock wool is especially popular for its multifunctionality. Apart from the fact that it offers thermal insulation, rock wool also contributes to better sound insulation and fire protection. It is available in the shape of sheets, rock wool blankets and delta insulation boards that are particularly useful for insulating in between beams.

Price: Slightly higher (about 10%) than glass wool
Advantages: moisture regulating function + insulation value is maintained
Insulation value: Good to very good depending on density

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insulation material boards Insulation boards / insulation panels

Insulation boards are easy to process and they are available in plenty of sizes and materials for different purposes. They can be glued and they serve as construction or even directly as a finishing material.

Professionals use insulation panels for cavity walls, roofs, inner walls, floors and ceilings. Some panels are also available with aluminium that serves as vapour barrier.

Price: Cheap to very expensive (depending on many factors)
Advantages: No irritation, space-saving and easy to install

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acoustic insulation panels Acoustic insulation

When insulating a house, one is often only concerned with increasing the thermal comfort. However, another important factor is sound.

If you live in a terraced house or a busy street, it may be worthwhile to invest in insulation that has both a thermal and soundproof function.

Price: Very expensive
Advantages: No noise coming from outside and vice versa

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floor insulation PUR EPS Floor insulation: PUR foam and EPS sheets

By insulating the floor, you can save a lot of money. A non-insulated floor has a temperature around 8 degrees, whereas an insulated floor can maintain a stable temperature of 20 degrees. In the article about floor insulation types, you can discover the insulation materials that are most widely used in the case of new buildings or renovation.

Price: Quite cheap
Advantages: Big influence on well-being

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