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Best cavity wall insulation according to price & insulation value

Which type of cavity wall insulation fits your house best, depends on several factors. On the one hand, it depends on the current situation (cavity thickness and humidity degree) and on personal preference (budget, ecology) on the other hand. In this article, you can discover the best cavity wall insulation according to these various factors.

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Cavity wall insulation with the best insulation value

cavity wall insulation rock wool If we merely consider the insulating performance of the different materials, we can conclude that PUR (polyurethane foam) generally scores best. Polyurethane has got the best insulation value with a Lambda value of 0.030 W/mK. The fluid material is injected into the cavity, after which it expands and fills all the seams and holes.

As a result, you get seamless insulation without thermal bridges. The material will stay in place and won’t sag in the course of time. PUR is an excellent insulator, but it is also the most expensive cavity wall insulation material. Moreover, it is not the best solution with respect to the environment.



Best cavity insulation price/quality-wise

Are you looking for an insulation material with the best price/quality ratio? Then you would be well advised to choose cavity wall insulation with high-efficiency glass wool or high-efficiency EPS beads (expanded polystyrene beads). Both materials are blown into the cavity and have a favourable insulation value (0.034 W/mK). Although this value is slightly less favourable than polyurethane’s, EPS beads and fibreglass cavity wall insulation are considerably cheaper than PUR.

– Cavity wall insulation with high-efficiency EPS beads or glass wool: £10 – £15 per square metre.
– Cavity wall insulation with polyurethane foam: £20 – £25 per square metre.


Environmentally sound insulation materials

Glass wool is the most environmentally friendly solution when it comes to cavity wall insulation. Various institutions have investigated this matter and have concluded that the current generation of fibreglass flakes has little impact on the environment. The raw materials for the production of glass wool are plenty available (recycled glass, sand and other minerals) and the insulation material is recyclable as well. So there is no depletion of resources and little energy is required in the production process. Furthermore, fibreglass insulates very well, as a result of which households will use less energy (which is beneficial for the environment).


Best cavity wall insulation: local factors

As a conclusion, we can state that all the above-mentioned insulation materials actually belong to the category of ‘best cavity wall insulation’. However, not every cavity may be equally suitable for a certain type of insulation material. If the cavity is very small or polluted for example, insulation with polyurethane foam will generally be the best choice. In other cases, glass wool or EPS beads may be a better solution. Therefore, a thorough inspection of the cavity and exterior wall is required in order to determine the best material.

It pays off to request non-binding diagnoses from various insulation specialists. In this way, you will get a clear view of all the possibilities. This allows you to carefully weigh the pros and cons of these insulation products. In fact, since all three materials insulate well, there are no wrong decisions: you will save a lot of energy anyway. Use our online quote service and receive price offers and noncommittal diagnoses from specialised craftsmen for free. Click here for more information.


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