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Insulate roof: possibilities and cost

Insulating your roof is a smart investment: you can save both energy and money! In this article, you can find information about the different possibilities, suitable materials and cost of insulating a roof.


Guide prices insulate roof

Take into account that the costs for roof insulation depend on different factors such as choice of material, insulation value and thickness of the insulation layer. More information about roof insulation at


What to insulate?Installation of the insulationAverage cost per m2
Pitched roofFrom inside£15 - £45 (excl. finish)
Pitched roofFrom outside£35 - £50 (excl. finish)
Flat roofFrom inside£25 - £35 (excl. finish)
Flat roofFrom outside£60 - £100 (incl. finish)
Attic floorPUR on massive attic floor£20 - £30
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1. Pitched roof

Insulating a pitched roof can be done in various ways. Frequently, the insulation material is put against the roof plane from the inside. If you do not use the attic as a living space, when there is no heating for example, it is better to insulate the loft floor. In this way, the volume covered by the insulation will be smaller and you can heat more efficiently.


insulate pitched roof Which insulation material to use?

There are several materials with which one can insulate a pitched roof. Glass wool is a material that is frequently used for this job, as it offers good thermal and sound insulation.

Roof insulation boards are popular as well. These can be installed quickly, but the sound insulation is not as good as in the case of glass wool for example.

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insulate pitched roof Finishing

When carrying out insulation work, a vapour barrier is often required. A vapour barrier has an airtight layer that protects the insulation material. Some insulation materials are already provided with a vapour barrier.

Is the attic a living space? Then you can spend some more time on the finishing. Plasterboards for example are particularly well suited to cover the insulation layer.

When putting the plasterboards in place, one needs to pay attention: do not drill the boards into the insulation layer! Otherwise, the function of the vapour barrier will get lost. An expert will apply the boards by means of a special glue.



2. Insulate flat roof

It is possible to insulate a flat roof both from the in-or outside. This is respectively referred to as a cold and flat roof. 


insulate flat roof Which insulation material to choose?

The choice of insulation material especially depends on the chosen method (warm or cold flat roof). In case of a cold roof, a mineral wool such as glass wool or rock wool is frequently chosen. Insulation boards are a possibility too.

If you decide to have the flat roof insulated on the outside, installers will use a pressure-resistant insulation material. XPS insulation boards and PIR insulation boards are popular choices.

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insulate roof Finish insulation layer

When insulating flat roofs, a vapour barrier is mostly installed as well in order to protect the material against damp. The vapour barrier should always be attached to the warm side.

In the case of a cold flat roof,  an expert will position the barrier directly above the ceiling. On top of that, there’s the insulation layer, the roof construction and the roofing.

In the case of a warm flat roof, the vapour barrier lies above the ceiling and roof construction. On top of the barrier, you will find the insulation and the roof covering.



3. Insulate attic floor

As said before, loft floor insulation is an interesting alternative to roof insulation when the attic is not used as a living space.


insulate loft floor with rock wool Which type of insulation to choose?

If you are going to insulate your loft floor, the material selection will strongly depend on the structure and the purpose (does the floor still need to be walkable?) of this floor.

Does the attic have a solid floor? One then tries to limit the thickness of the insulation by choosing materials with a good insulation value. Polyurethane spray or floor insulation boards are mostly chosen.

If the floor is not solid, the spaces between the floor beams will be filled with insulation. You can, for example, opt for sprayed glass wool or insulation rolls made of mineral wool.



insulate attic floor Finish of loft floor insulation

A vapour barrier is also required in case of loft floor insulation. How the floor should be finished afterwards, especially depends on the structure of the floor.

Attic floors that are meant to be walkable should best be provided with a supportive finish such as wooden panels. If the floor does not necessarily have to be walkable, one often chooses insulation blankets without a finishing layer.

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Cost of insulating a roof

How much does it cost to have a roof insulated? That depends on various factors. Obviously, the choice of material is of major importance. Next to that, the thickness of the insulation material, the surface and level of difficulty will determine the price.

To have a pitched roof insulated with glass wool, you will pay at least £17.5 per square metre. If you choose a different insulation material, costs may be higher. In general, insulating a flat roof is also more expensive than insulating a pitched roof.


Thanks to grants, you can earn back the costs of roof insulation faster! If you decide to insulate your roof, you can receive attractive grants. In this way, you can quickly recoup your investment.


A craftsman can further inform you on the conditions of these fees. Moreover, an insulation expert can give advice on appropriate roof insulation materials. Are you looking for a customised price? Request free and informal quotes from insulation experts.


insulate a roof




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