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Roof insulation boards: materials and prices

Insulation boards are one of the best choices if you want to insulate your roof. Roof insulation boards are easy to install and available in different sizes. In this way, you can quickly insulate both small and large surfaces.


Why to install roof insulation boards?

– The introduction of this article already revealed one of the advantages of roof insulation boards: the simple installation. This is especially useful if you have to insulate a big surface, like a flat roof.

– The insulation boards do not need to be applied in a thick layer in order to insulate well. This is space-saving.

– Next to good thermal insulation, roof insulation boards also offer good acoustic insulation. This is convenient, for example, if you have a flat roof that is often being walked upon. Or if you often use the attic room, as a sleeping room or lounge room perhaps, the sound-insulating function of these boards is very useful. Ambient noises won’t be bothering you much.

– Insulation material that is made of plastic has a higher vapour density as well. This implies that vapour won’t be able to condense in the insulation material.


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roof insulation boards


Roof insulation boards: materials

Roof insulation boards can be made of various types of materials. Below, we discuss some of the most-used materials:


insulation roof sheets ① PUR roof insulation boards

Insulation boards made of polyurethane can be applied on pitched and flat roofs. Usually, these boards are provided with a vapour barrier. Consequently, it is no longer necessary to install another vapour barrier on top of the insulation.

However, one should still seal the seams between the sheets with a vapour-proof tape to get optimal insulation. In order to seal every gap well, you can also apply some PUR foam to the sides.




roof insulation boards ② PIR insulation boards

Polyisocyanurate (PIR) insulation boards have a high insulation value. These roof insulation boards are applicable to both flat and pitched roofs. The fact that this material is fire retardant, is a great advantage.

However, applying PIR insulation boards may be more difficult due to their hard structure. It is also advised to apply some extra insulation foam afterwards, in order to seal possible gaps.




insulated roof sheets ③ Insulated roof sheets

Insulated roof sheets are metal panels with thermal insulation material on the inside. This material is often synthetic rigid foam like polyurethane (PUR), but rock wool and glass wool are possible as well.

These panels provide excellent thermal insulation. They are lightweight, easy to install and they have a long lifespan. Moreover, the boards are well-protected against moulds. Disadvantages are the price (which is rather high) and the lack of proper acoustic insulation.




roof insulation boards ④ Roof insulation boards with mineral wool

Finally, a lot of insulation boards are made of mineral wools like glass wool, rock wool and wood wool. These boards are not as rigid as PUR or PIR insulation boards, as a result of which they are more compressible.

The sheets are very fireproof, but one has to apply a thicker layer in order to get the same insulating effect as with rigid PIR and PUR boards. As mineral wool may cause irritation during the installation, one should wear protective clothes.




Cost of roof insulation boards

Polyurethane roof insulation boards cost £15 to £20 per square metre, installation costs included. To have your roof insulated with PIR insulation boards, you can more or less expect the same price (£20 per square metre).

Prices for insulated roof sheets vary strongly; they range between £45 and £175 per square metre. The exact cost will especially depend on the chosen insulation material and the finishing of the sheets.

If you want to install rock wool roof insulation boards, you will pay £30 per square metre (installation included). Glass wool is slightly cheaper and wood wool insulation boards cost about £15 per square metre.

Take into account that these prices also depend on the thickness of the insulation boards! Are you curious about specific prices for your project? By using our quote service, you can receive free quotes from different insulation experts in your region. This allows you to compare prices easily. Click here to go to the quote page.






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